table_questions_centerWhere are you located? I am located in Jacksonville, FL

How much time do you suggest for our first date? I suggest at least 90 minutes for our first date. I would like to get to know you; your likes and dislikes, hobbies and special interests, all so I can better understand how I can fully meet your needs and desires

May I take you out to dinner or drinks before we see each other in private? Absolutely, however our time starts whenever the two of us meet, no matter where that may be.

Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? I do not use any drugs at all and I don’t smoke. I don’t mind if my clients smoke, all I ask is that you please have fresh breath before meeting with me. I do enjoy indulging with a nice glass of wine during a night out or a romantic night in.

Why do you blur out your face in your pictures? This comes back to my safety and privacy. Making sure my identity stays private ensures no one will recognize me as an escort if we are spotted in public together. I can assure you I have a beautiful face and smile, as stated in my reviews. Although I am very comfortable with being your companion, I am aware that others might not share the same opinion.

How much notice do you require to schedule a date? The more notice you can give me, the better the chance I will not already be booked allowing the two of us will be able to enjoy each others company. I offer bookings as far as six months in advance. Same day dates are available for an additional $40.

What is the quickest way to meet you? Fill out my Date Form completely and include at least one reliable verification option. If we are already friends you are welcome to call or email me directly anytime.

How can I be sure that my information is kept private? Discretion and privacy are as important to me as they are to you. I live a rather quiet life and prefer to build, rather than to burn bridges. I have a reputation over the past ten years as a reliable professional that I wish to maintain. Your information is never shared with anyone, under any circumstances.

Do you see couples, women, or groups? I do see select couples. While I do find women beautiful and have been truly attracted to a few in my life, I do prefer the company of men. So, if your fantasy of three involves two ladies spoiling the man I am available for that. I am not available for groups, parties, or single ladies.

I read your reviews and they are hot! Will I also get everything described in them when we meet? I understand that reviews can help you make a decision, so feel free to read mine. Keep in mind no two people connect the exact same way. Something that sparks with one person may not spark with another. Each experience is unique and memorable. Keep in mind that my reviews are fantasy reviews, and I invite you to use them predominantly to be sure that I am indeed who I say I am.

Why are your rates higher than most? I know the value of my time and companionship – the men I see simply won’t settle for less than what I have to offer. So I prefer to spend my time with those refined men who understand my worth and are seeking an unforgettable experience a beautiful, passionate and intelligent young woman.

Are the these pictures really of you? Yes, and recently taken. I try to give you a variety of photographs to help you visualize me. Rest assured I always take care of my body and will always look my best for you.

How should I prepare for our first date? Please be on time and if you are running late, call me. I ask that you respect our time together and properly bathe beforehand and dress for the occasion. Personal hygiene is very important to me.

How will you dress?
I can dress for our time together in so many different ways – from elegant for an evening out or casual for an afternoon rendezvous indoors. It really depends on your desire and your plans for me so please let me know your preference!